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Snow Me

Written on 4/2/2024 and tagged: Noah, photos

A book about snowmen, by Noah (age 8)

The cover of Noah’s winter book, Snow Me, which has the title above a smiling snowman between two houses
Snow Me
The first two inside pages of Noah’s book, Snow Me. At the bottom of the second page, there is a snowman, an igloo, a snowball, and a snow-globe.

Left page: This book is to my family.

Right page: Everyone loves Christmas. All the snowballs and igloos and the snowmen and snow-globes.

The third and fourth inside pages of Noah’s book, Snow Me. Across the bottom of both pages is a scene where three snowmen are playing a game of baseball with snowballs.

And sometimes when we’re all asleep, the best snowmen come out to play.

The fifth and final page of Noah’s book, Snow Me

And on the best nights, they always come.