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Hi, I’m Marc

I’m a husband, dad to three boys, and web developer at The Outfit. If you’d like to know more, lets go back to the beginning

Latest journal entries

  1. Ten and a half

    Written on 5/31/2022 and tagged: life, memories, parenting

    On this day, back in 1989, my dad passed away at 30 years old.

  2. Our COVID-19 log

    Written on 5/25/2022 and tagged: life, log, parenting

    COVID-19 finally struck and this is how it went…

  3. 2022’s garden boxes: start

    Written on 5/16/2022 and tagged: photos, yard

    The start of this year’s garden boxes.

  4. Smooth snailing

    Written on 5/15/2022 and tagged: photos

    We have a few snails in our fish tank, and I saw this one sailing across the surface. The iPhone 13’s macro photo mode captured a nice shot.

  5. Jonathan’s first book

    Written on 5/7/2022 and tagged: Jonathan

    Without any encouragement or knowledge on our part, our eight year old son wrote a book.

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