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Hi, I’m Marc

I’m a husband, dad to three boys, and web developer at The Outfit. If you’d like to know more, lets go back to the beginning

Latest journal entries

  1. Cape Cod 2023

    Written on 6/26/2023 and tagged: fun, travel, photos

    We went to the Cape this past weekend for an end of school mini-vacation.

  2. Getting older

    Written on 5/5/2023 and tagged: parenting, Noah

    The cute stuff doesn’t last forever.

  3. A seven year old’s grocery list

    Written on 4/6/2023 and tagged: Noah, photos

    Noah helped us write another grocery list and it’s perfect.

  4. My job history

    Written on 11/29/2022 and tagged: life, log, web development, work

    My friend Johannes and I were recently chatting about the jobs we had before becoming web developers.

  5. pspsps

    Written on 11/3/2022 and tagged: fun, photos, vehicle

    One of my favorite stickers…

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