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Hi, I’m Marc

I’m a husband, dad to three boys, and web developer at The Outfit. If you’d like to know more, lets go back to the beginning

Please Clap (an infrequent comic)

Naming things

Made on 1/25/2024

Character on the right is holding their new invention, a folded piece of paper with illustrations and words on it. Character on the left says 'Bro, what’s that?' Character on the right replies, 'It’s my new invention, a promotional document used to introduce a company, organization, products, or services and inform prospective customers of the benefits.'
Character on the left says, 'Huh, neat. What’s it called?' Character on the right replies, 'I haven’t thought about that yet. Want to help me name it?' Character on the left replies, 'Bro! Sure!' Character on the right replies, 'That’s perfect!'

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  1. My favorite music as of June 2024

    Written on 6/5/2024 and tagged: favorite music

    Two and a half years later…

  2. You’re beautiful, call me sometime

    Written on 4/26/2024 and tagged: fun, Sharon

    I heard she was going to the nearby coffee shop to meet a new colleague of hers at 2pm, which gave me an hour to think about how I might slip her my phone number.

  3. Snow Me

    Written on 4/2/2024 and tagged: Noah, photos

    A book about snowmen, by Noah (age 8)

  4. CSS your RSS with XSL, LOL

    Written on 1/11/2024 and tagged: tip, web development

    Have you ever tapped an RSS/ATOM feed link?

  5. Don’t wash electronics

    Written on 12/28/2023 and tagged: memories, photos, tip

    A lesson learned when I was six years old.

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