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Noah’s to do list

Written on 12/5/2023 and tagged: Noah, photos

Noah had some things to do last night (and they’re so incredibly cute).

Four absolutely adorable, hand-written items on a note-card
  1. Write book: ? – 6:50
  2. ❤️ note: 6:50 – 6:70
  3. Look for lamp: 7:00 – 7:20
  4. Look at LEGOs: 7:20 – 7:40

There’s so much to love:

  • The fact that writing a book is on a seven year old’s to do list
  • That he’s writing a love note—to who?—and it’ll take him until 6:70
  • That he’s giving himself twenty minutes to find a lamp
  • That he’s looking at LEGOs (though, I’m sure he meant play with them)

It’s little things like this that fill me with joy and make the hard work of raising kids so, so very worth it.