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Watch charger, meet iPhone

Written on 12/26/2023 and tagged: technology, tip

I’m the kind of person that learns about neat tech stuff long after everyone else has, so brace yourself as I tell you about some neat tech stuff you probably already know about.

The family and I were on our annual two-hour drive home from seeing family during Christmas when Will tells us his Apple Watch is nearly dead. Sharon asks, I know our watch charger is here in the van, do you think we can charge his watch with it somehow?

Our van is equipped with a couple of USB-A ports, but the watch charger is newer and USB-C, so my brain starts turning (rare) and I wonder out loud, Maybe we can plug the watch charger into the bottom of my phone? (It’s an iPhone 15 with USB-C).

Sharon took note of each device’s battery level—the watch was at 6% and my phone was at 95%—and connected them together. What do you (probably already) know? It worked! The Watch made its little ding noise and the green lightning bolt appeared on its screen.

About 45 minutes later we took another look at both devices’ battery levels and the watch was at 85% and my phone was at 75%.

[Insert impressed dad face here]