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Our COVID-19 log

Written on 5/25/2022 and tagged: life, log, parenting

COVID-19 finally struck and this is how it went…

Order of events

  1. Thursday, May 12th, late afternoon: Will (10 years old) says he is really tired; we attribute it to a jogging contest thing he participated in at school earlier in the day.
  2. Friday, May 13th
    1. Morning: Will falls asleep on the couch after breakfast, before school.
    2. Early afternoon: The school’s nurse calls to say Will is very tired and nearly asleep in her office, …but, otherwise, has no symptoms….
    3. After school: Sharon takes Will’s temperature and it reads 102° Fahrenheit. He’s given a rapid home test and it clearly shows he is COVID-19 positive. He immediately goes to his bedroom to isolate and everybody else puts on a mask.
    4. Evening: Sharon and I
      • start texting people to let them know,
      • cancel all plans for the coming 7 - 10 days,
      • and make appointments to get PCR tests for everyone except Will.
  3. Saturday, May 14th
    1. Morning: Everyone except Will goes to the local urgent care to take PCR tests.
    2. General: We buckle down, keep Will isolated in his bedroom, and spend time in and around the house and yard. (This is the part of lockdown that I enjoy.)
    3. Evening: Will starts to feel better.
  4. Sunday, May 15th
    1. Morning: Jonathan (8 years old) tells us he’s feeling very tired.
    2. Afternoon:
      • We take Jonathan’s temperature and it reads 103° Fahrenheit. We give him a rapid home test and it shows he is COVID-19 positive. He immediately goes to his bedroom to isolate.
      • Will feels 100%.
    3. Evening:
      • We’re wondering if Saturday morning’s PCR test results are coming soon… hopefully… please?
      • Noah (6 years old) sleeps on our bedroom floor because he can’t spend the night in the same room as Jonathan.
  5. Monday, May 16th
    1. Morning: Noah, Sharon, and I take rapid home tests. Despite showing zero symptoms, Noah is COVID-19 positive. Sharon and I are negative.
    2. Late morning: Jonathan feels 100%.
    3. Afternoon: Saturday morning’s PCR test results finally come in and they report that Noah, Jonathan, Sharon, and I are negative—or, we were negative back on Saturday morning. So … it’s useless information at this point in time.
  6. Tuesday, May 17th
    1. Morning: Sharon and I take rapid home tests; we’re both negative again.
    2. Evening: Sharon feels a bit achy and has a sore throat.
  7. Wednesday, May 18th
    1. Morning: Sharon and I take yet another rapid home test and we’re negative again.
    2. Early afternoon: Sharon visits CVS for a second PCR test due to still having a sore throat.
  8. Thursday, May 19th
    1. Morning: Will goes back to school.
    2. Evening: Sharon’s second PCR test result comes in: negative (but, she’s still feeling somewhat lousy).
  9. Friday, May 20th
    • Morning: Sharon takes a fourth rapid home test: positive.
    • Morning: I also take a fourth rapid home test: negative.
  10. Saturday, May 21st, morning: I take a fifth rapid home test: negative.
  11. Sunday, May 22nd, morning: I take a sixth rapid home test: negative.
  12. Monday, May 23rd
    • Morning: I take a seventh rapid home test: negative.
    • Morning: Jonathan and Noah go back to school.
  13. Tuesday, May 24th, morning: I take an eighth rapid home test: negative.
  14. Wednesday, May 25th, morning: I take a ninth rapid home test: negative.

General thoughts

  • The whole isolate the infected from the uninfected thing didn’t go that well after the evening of Sunday the 15th. Whether it was kids forgetting to keep their mask on, or the daily who’s positive now surprise, or Sharon and I thinking screw this, lets just get it over with, we definitely didn’t isolate as well as we could’ve.
  • Despite testing positive on a rapid home test, Noah never had a fever, never showed any symptoms, and never said he was tired, achy, etc.
  • Sharon had to bail on what would’ve been a great work-related trip to Wisconsin; I know she was looking forward to that so much.
  • We missed a lot of baseball—both practices and games—and I’m a little sad about that.
  • I never felt lousy, showed any symptoms, or tested positive.