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“I didn’t see any stooges”

Written on 8/13/2021 and tagged: parenting

…is what our 7 year old said 90 minutes later.

There’s a DVD player in our van and whenever we take a long road-trip we let the boys watch a movie to give us some peace and quiet (it’s ahhhhh-mazing).

At the start of a recent road-trip, Sharon pulled out a couple DVDs that she picked up at a yard-sale, one of which was a classic: The Three Stooges. I immediately said, oh man, give them that one. They love that type of stuff — hell, they practically live The Three Stooges life without even knowing it. We gave them the DVD and headed off on our journey.

For about 20 minutes there was nothing but silence from the boys and I distinctly remember saying to Sharon, Weird, I really thought this would make them laugh.

You can probably guess where this is heading…

A little while later, our 9 year old said, Mom, dad, there are some bad words in this movie, and I assumed he meant bad words such as jerk or idiot, etc. I told him, It’s OK, that’s just how the Stooges are (or something along those lines).

90 minutes later they took their headphones off and our 7 year old said, “I didn’t see any Stooges,” and it finally dawns on us: we never opened the DVD case to look at the disc inside — what did they just watch?

Sharon reached back, found the eject button, and grabbed the disc: Office Space.

Eh; it could’ve been much worse.