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My favorite music as of December 2021

Written on 12/17/2021 and tagged: favorite music

The artists, albums, and songs I can’t stop listening to … lately anyway.

It’s winter now, nearly Christmas, and I’ve finally moved on from George Clanton … to Magdalena Bay, who are very similar .

There are a couple of non-synth-pop favorites, too…

Magdalena Bay: Mercurial World

I saw this duo live in Boston a few months ago and I had no idea who they were at the time. Their on-stage presence was, uh, interesting, and their music was absolutely fantastic; here are some of my favorite tracks:

Listen to Mercurial World on your favorite streaming service.

Dougie Pool: The Freelancer’s Blues

This is one of those rare albums where every song is great; I’m literally just embedding four of them at random:

Listen to The Freelancer’s Blues on your favorite streaming service.

James McMurtry: Live in Aught-Three

It was only about two years ago that I developed a taste for the folk-rock/Americana music genre and I consider this album to be my absolute favorite example of it:

Listen to Live in Aught-Three on your favorite streaming service.