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Cape Cod 2023

Written on 6/26/2023 and tagged: fun, travel, photos

We went to the Cape this past weekend for an end of school mini-vacation.

We stayed in Hyannis and visited a few choice locations: The Barnacle, Craigville Beach, Añejo Mexican Bistro, Katie’s Homemade Ice Cream, and Kalmus Park Beach.

A view of a beach, looking along the shoreline, as the sun starts to set in the background
Two of our boys climbed up onto a lifeguard stand, causing them to be silhouetted against the sunset behind them
I noticed a seagull on the peak of our hotel roof, right in front of the afternoon sun. The end result is a silhouetted seagull.
Our youngest eating an ice cream cone and the blue ice cream is melting faster than he can consume it, and it’s dripping down his hand making a perfect summertime mess.