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Journal entries tagged “parenting”

  1. Getting older

    Written on 5/5/2023

    The cute stuff doesn’t last forever.

  2. Ten and a half

    Written on 5/31/2022

    On this day, back in 1989, my dad passed away at 30 years old.

  3. Our COVID-19 log

    Written on 5/25/2022

    COVID-19 finally struck and this is how it went…

  4. A dinner opinion

    Written on 3/20/2022

  5. “I didn’t see any stooges”

    Written on 8/13/2021

    …is what our 7 year old said 90 minutes later.

  6. One-egg cooking pot

    Written on 6/17/2020

    Every night, as we tuck-in our kids, our four year old says to me…